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Teabaggers Upset With Palin

MARIO PIPERNI MARIO PIPERNI dot Com January 27, 2010 Wingnuts are unhappy with Palin. …when Palin announced last week that she would campaign for McCain in his reelection primary battle against ultra-conservative former congressman J.D. Hayworth, some of her most … Continue reading

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After the Massachusetts Massacre

Frank Rich Op-Ed Columnist The New Yorks Times January 23, 2010 It was not a referendum on Barack Obama, who in every poll remains one of the most popular politicians in America. It was not a rejection of universal health … Continue reading

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The Democrats Need to Find Some Spine and Pass This Bill

Bob Cesca Political Writer, Blogger, and New Media Producer The Huffington Post January 20, 2010 In the 1998 midterms, Democrats actually gained seats. A rare thing for the president’s party to pick up congressional seats in a second midterm election. … Continue reading

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Massachusetts the first “Yellow State”

BocaGuy: The truth hurts Tuesday’s Five Lessons for the Democrats Aaron Zelinsky Articles Editor, ‘Yale Law Journal’ The Huffington Post January 20, 2010 On Tuesday, the Bay State shook Capitol Hill to its core. Much ink will be spilled dissecting … Continue reading

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Bob Cesca Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog January 18, 2010 On Morning Joe just now, Tom Brokaw was complaining that Americans don’t know what’s in the healthcare reform bill. Scarborough laughing the background. As if this is the fault of the … Continue reading

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Smiling Scott Brown slurs Obama

Joan Walsh Saturday, Jan 16, 2010 Who is Scott Brown, the man who could realistically replace Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, and launch a Republican resurgence that points to the end of Barack Obama’s presidency? He got off one … Continue reading

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Giuliani’s Record on Security: Noun, Verb, Bernard Kerik

Mario Ruiz VP of Media Relations at The Huffington Post January 11, 2010 While Stephanopoulos did the necessary mea culpa in response to the explosive web reaction following his botched Giuliani interview, the larger question we should be asking is … Continue reading

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