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But…But…But…it’s a LIBERAL media!

Blue Girl Brilliant at Breakfast Monday, June 29, 2009 Rudy Giuliani was on Morning Joe this morning to talk about Marc Sanford’s affair. It is safe to say that no journalism took place on that set this morning, because from … Continue reading

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Remind me: Which political party is “decadent” and “sick”?

Mark Sanford’s zipper problem is yet more proof that Republican conservatives are just liberals in right-wing drag Joe Conason June 26, 2009 Whenever the latest Republican politician is caught with his zipper undone, a predictable moment of introspection on … Continue reading

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Steve Benen The Washington Monthly June 25, 2009 Some people run for president, come up short, but nevertheless see their stature enhanced by the process. For Rudy Giuliani, it was the opposite — his fairly ridiculous and spectacularly unsuccessful presidential … Continue reading

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It’s not about us

Mustang Bobby The Reaction June 23, 2009 Memo to John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and all the others on the right who are demanding that President Obama “do more” about the turmoil in Iran: It’s not about you. It’s not about … Continue reading

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Dream big, Obama

The president should be a revolutionary, not just a reformer David Sirota June 20, 2009 Most of the great advances we remember involve reimagination and dreams, not merely tweaks and tinkers. The Wright Brothers’ plane wasn’t a newfangled horse … Continue reading

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Obama Has It Right On Iran — and The Right Doesn’t

Jacob Heilbrunn Huffington Post June 19, 2009 Over the past few days, President Obama has been pummeled by the right for supposedly appeasing the regime in Iran. Robert Kagan has accused Obama of being “objectively” on the side of the … Continue reading

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With Saviors Like This

How lost are the Republicans? They’re looking to Newt for answers. Howard Fineman Newsweek Published Jun 13, 2009 From the magazine issue dated Jun 22, 2009 Sure, F. Scott Fitzgerald, our patron saint of self-pitying oblivion, declared, “There are no … Continue reading

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