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January 8, 2010

Apparently Rudy was on TV today suggesting that the Anthrax attacks weren’t terrorism because they weren’t Islamic in origin.

First, we don’t know for sure what the origins were. Probably domestic, but who knows. Bush’s Justice Department never caught the culprits. (Good job, Bushies.)

Second, if Rudy’s qualifications eliminate any terrorism that wasn’t Islamic, then we have an interesting breakdown on the Clinton vs. Bush attacks lists.

Assuming Rudy is describing Domestic Islamic terrorist attacks, Bush still has more attacks on his watch than Clinton.

World Trade Center 1993 – 6 fatalities
Total – 1 attack – 6 fatalities

September 11 – 2,992 fatalities
Beltway Snipers – 10 fatalities
LAX shootings – 2 fatalities
Chapel Hill SUV attack – No fatalities
Total – 4 attacks – 3,004 fatalities

He still can’t say that Bush kept us safe, and he can’t say that without admitting that Clinton kept us safe for longer — nearly a full eight years without a Domestic Islamic attack.

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