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NOVEMBER, 26, 2009 by MICHAEL HART Yes, indeed, they got theirs; a wonderfully visceral lump of especially formulated and prepared Republican Party elephant ordure, deftly carved by de facto party propagandist, Rush Limbaugh, and served up by party de facto … Continue reading

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Giuliani Slips Another Notch

Dan Collins New York Editor-At-Large of The Huffington Post November 22, 2009 The Rudy Giuliani brand has deteriorated so much that it’s hard to imagine an elective office for which he might be suited. But the image of Rudy running … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Afford to Fail: A Blue Dog for Reform

Rep. Patrick Murphy U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania November 7, 2009 A woman from Bucks County recently lost her job as a copy editor, and the small business her husband works for is unable to afford coverage for their employees. She … Continue reading

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Fox calls NY-23 race for Democrat Owens

A major defeat for conservative activists, as their chosen candidate comes close but falls short By Alex Koppelman AP photos Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate running in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, and Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party congressional candidate … Continue reading

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