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John Boehner’s doomed political makeover

Steve Kornacki War Room Friday, Jul 30, 2010 John Boehner’s image makeover effort, detailed in Politico on Thursday, seems destined to fail on two fronts. The House minority leader — who will become the next speaker if the Republicans … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger Live – New Protest Song About BP Oil Spill in Gulf Coast on Banjo w James Maddock Guitar

Published on Friday, July 30, 2010 by YouTube On July 23th 2010 Pete Seeger performed live at a Gulf Coast Oil Spill fundraiser at The City Winery in New York City. There, he unveiled to the public his new protest … Continue reading

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Making Degrade

Steven Weber The Huffington Post July 29, 2010 The steady erosion of American productivity and viability may not just be unfortunate happenstance or a natural socioeconomic evolution, but a premeditated, consolidated effort to reap reward from fomenting failure. And, as … Continue reading

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Palin’s Promise to Alaska Falls Flat One Year Later: Happy Anniversary

Jeanne Devon Managing Editor of July 26, 2010 It was one year ago today, when our ex-half-governor Sarah Palin stood in Fairbanks, Alaska and stepped down from the governorship. After first declaring herself a “lame duck,” and then decrying … Continue reading

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An apology from Joe Barton next?

Now that BP has dumped Tony Hayward, is an apology from Joe Barton next? ( bildungblog ) Copyright 2010 bildungblog

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Bob Cesca Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog July 25, 2010 Matt Yglesias (via DougJ): At some point conservatives need to ask themselves about the larger meaning of this kind of conduct—and Andrew Breitbart’s—for their movement. Beyond the ethics of lying and … Continue reading

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There’s a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin’

Frank Rich Op-Ed Columnist The New York Times July 25, 2010 THE glittering young blonde in a low-cut gown is sipping champagne in a swank Manhattan restaurant back in the day when things were still swank. She is on a … Continue reading

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