Xmas in Boca

Editor – Thank you Kurt Similes

 Xmas in Boca
‘Twas the night before Christmas
down here in Boca,
I was sitting at Starbucks,
drinking my mocha.
I know we’re all Jewish,
but was wondering still,
if Santa would come here
and give us a thrill.
On my way home,
no Christmas lights did I see,
on the houses, the windows,
not even the trees.
What a strange feeling.
Not a decoration in sight.
Was it really December
or a warm summer’s night?
I drove past Toojay’s,
there were lines out the door.
People were waiting
for kishka and more.
The restaurants were busy,
Christmas dinners not planned.
Never, not here,
we’re in Boca Land .
At home all was quiet.
I left out Kosher wine,
In case Santa came to Boca
for the very first time.
Snoozing came easy
to me Christmas Eve.
I wasn’t waiting for presents
to be left under a tree.
I could hope all I want.
I could fuss and then see,
if Santa would make time
for little old me.
Then all of a sudden
he pulled up in his Jag,
with a sack full of presents
each sporting a tag.
Oh Bloomies, Oh Saks,
Oh Neiman’s and more.
He knows where to shop,
he frequents my stores!
He looked for the lox,
the bagels and deli.
He came to Boca first
to fill up his belly!
“I have a long night ahead,
I want you to know.
From Boca I leave
for New York and the snow.”
He stayed for a while,
he chatted and ate.
Then he left in a flash
before it got late.
What a great night
I thought with a sigh.
That jolly old Santa
is a really nice guy.
As I cleared off the table
I heard with delight
“Shalom to you all,
and OY, vat a night!!”
Best wishes for a happy new year…..
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