Top 10 Ways Mitt Romney Would Stack the Deck Against the Middle Class

December 21, 2011

As we enter the season of end-of-year top 10 lists, Press Secretary Ben LaBolt has laid out the 10 ways Governor Romney would undermine the middle class if he’s elected next November.

  1. Extending massive tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations while only offering the typical middle-class family a $54 tax cut
  2. Letting Wall Street write their own rules again, putting taxpayers on the hook for future bailouts and middle-class security at risk
  3. Repealing the Affordable Care Act, allowing insurance companies go back to the days of dropping coverage when you get sick, double-digit premium increases or denying coverage because of a pre-existing condition
  4. Privatizing Medicare and telling seniors they’re on their own to pay for their health care coverage
  5. Rubberstamping the Republican budget plan that would lead to deep cuts in Social Security and wipe out investments in education and programs essential to creating jobs for the middle class, while refusing to ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share
  6. As corporate buyout specialist, firing thousands of workers, closing dozens of plants and outsourcing jobs to China to boost profits for himself and his partners
  7. Letting Detroit go bankrupt instead of extending a rescue loan to the auto industry that saved 1.4 million jobs and the auto manufacturers from liquidation
  8. Letting the foreclosure process “hit the bottom” so that investors can come in and make a quick buck, rather than promoting refinancing opportunities for responsible homeowners
  9. Eliminating the estate tax for millionaires and billionaires and making seniors and the middle-class foot the bill
  10. Undermining collective bargaining rights for workers, taking away a seat at the table for middle-class families when their economic livelihoods are on the line

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