Republican Sabotage and Florida

Bob Cesca
Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go!

Steve Benen discovered a fascinating and very revealing poll out of Florida — you know, the swingiest of the swing states. It turns out, a considerable number of Floridians believe the Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy.

With 51 percent of voters saying that jobs and the economy are the most pressing issues in the nation today, 49 percent said they believe that the Republicans are intentionally hindering efforts to boost the economy so that President Barack Obama will not be reelected. Thirty-nine percent disagreed. As expected, most registered Democrats (70 percent) agreed that Republicans are intentionally hindering the economy and hurting Obama, but independents (52 percent) and even some Republicans (24 percent) also agreed.

29 percent of Republicans think the Republicans are sabotaging economic growth? That’s remarkably honest of them. I wonder how many of those Republican voters agree with the sabotage strategy.

I still believe the Republicans ought to be held accountable for this. Maybe one of these days, we’ll see Occupy The Hill. Reaganomics created this crisis, Wall Street sparked the collapse, and Republicans are exacerbating it. It’s a Republican Shit Sandwich.

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