Do Not Believe Jon Cornyn

Broadway Carl
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Over the weekend, Texas Senator Jon Cornyn appeared on Fox News Sunday and said he was open to the idea of closing loopholes and cutting corporate subsidies as an overall part of tax reform. And this morning it seems like the media is jumping all over this as an example of how Republicans are willing to compromise.

“I think it’s clear that the Republicans are opposed to any tax hikes, particularly during a fragile economic recovery,” Mr. Cornyn said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Now, do we believe tax reform is necessary? I would say absolutely.”

He also included that he thought there wouldn’t be enough time for tax reform measures to be changed at such a late date, so let’s do this thing now, give the Republicans what they want now, and then in August let’s talk about tax reform.


Don’t believe Jon Cornyn. Tax reform for whom? Shall we rehash the Ryan plan all over again and reform taxes that look like a 10% decrease in upper income earners and a tax increase for those than can least afford it? And what guarantee do Democrats have if they went along with Cornyn’s idea of tax reform after August? Will he pull a Chris “rotten prick” Christie and stab them in the back? And one other thing the pundits didn’t mention in their rush to tweak their nipples at Cornyn’s willingness to “compromise”:

[Cornyn] insisted that any changes in taxes be “revenue neutral,” meaning that the government would not take in any more money from individuals or businesses than it does now.

Well then what’s the fucking point of tax reform if not to dig ourselves out of this shithole that’s been created over the last 10 years and not just since January 20th, 2009 as these jackasses would have you believe?

Once again, there is absolutely no way to get out of this debt “crisis” we are in solely by cutting spending on the backs of the middle and lower class while the GOP insist on no revenue increases be applied on those who can most afford it, namely big oil corporations with record breaking profits who still receive government subsidieshedge fund manager loopholes and lower and lower tax rates on millionaires and billionaires.

ADDING… John McCain mentioned something about tax revenue increases too, but does anyone really care what McCain has to say anymore?

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