Rick Perry: Economic Downturn Is God’s Plan

Bob Cesca
Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go!

Your Batshit Quote of the Day courtesy of Governor Rick Perry.

PERRY: I think in America from time to time we have to go through some difficult times — and I think we’re going through those difficult economic times for a purpose, to bring us back to those Biblical principles of you know, you don’t spend all the money. You work hard for those six years and you put up that seventh year in the warehouse to take you through the hard times. And not spending all of our money. Not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day, it’s slavery. We become slaves to government.

Apparently the economic downturn, and the Republican’s efforts to sabotage recovery, are all part of god’s plan.

I believe him, or at least I believe that’s what he thinks and I believe it’s what many among the Religious-Right think. I would take it a step further and also allege that they believe climate change is also part of god’s plan, and their efforts to stifle scientific research and defund organizations like the EPA and NOAA are simply part of their self-full-fulling Rapture strategy.

If Jesus won’t give them the rapture they’ve been waiting for, by god, they will pick up the torch themselves and burn the world down.

If you are under the mistaken belief that electing these loons may, in some way, be an acceptable alternative to President Obama and the Democrats, you need to take a step back and reconsider your life.


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