Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Where are The Jobs?

Lose them? So be it.

Broadway Carl
Broadway Carl’s Blog-O-Mania
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That’s what the leader of the House Republicans said regarding the possible loss of government jobs with draconian budget cuts proposed by the GOP. Whether you believe this is wasteful spending or not is irrelevant. These are real people. These are workers that will join the ranks of the unemployed.

This is the same John Boehner that was whining “Where are the jobs?” while pointing at President Obama in the perpetual unemployment blame game during the campaign. This is the same John Boehner that was going to do the bidding of the American people, “do the people’s work” and stop wasting time on health care battles and work on job creation.

And now the Not-So-Ready-For-Prime-Time Speaker of the House shrugs his shoulders at the potential loss of jobs in the federal workforce; the same federal workforce that has been dragging down the monthly employment numbers and stagnating the unemployment rate. While private sector jobs have slowly been coming back, local and state governments have been shedding jobs. But hey, firefighters, police officers, teachers, sanitation workers, those aren’t real people, right?

Meanwhile, the same John Boehner supported an alternative engine for the military’s F-35 fighter jet, an engine that the military didn’t want or need. Couldn’t be that the engine is produced in the Speaker’s home state, could it?  The bill was soundly defeated in the House today, practically evenly split among Republicans.  How many more defeats can Boehner sustain before becoming completely insignificant?

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