Christine O’Donnell Stumped By Question About Democratic Senators, But Sends Hillary Clinton Some Love (VIDEO)

Elyse Siegel
The Huffington Post

Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell found herself stumped on Wednesday night when she was asked to name a Democratic senator she would feel comfortable working with if elected to the chamber in November.

The latest verbal gaffe from the tea party-backed contender came when she squared off in a debate against Democratic opponent Chris Coons. Via ThinkProgress, a transcript of the exchange between O’Donnell and the forum’s moderator:

MODERATOR: Give me a name, Christine, of someone in the U.S. Senate, across the aisle that you’re comfortable working with.O’DONNELL: [Pause] Well, she’s not a senator any more, but I would definitely have to say Hillary Clinton. […]

COONS: One of the real risks as we go forward, is that if we elect someone who literally cannot name a single currently serving senator in my party with whom she would work –

O’DONNELL: Senator Lieberman!

COONS: Someone who has no experience crossing the biparistan divide.

Lieberman was once a Democratic senator. But since 2006, when he was ousted in the Dem primary by the more liberal Ned Lamont, he has been an independent — technically, he won reelection on the “Connecticut For Lieberman” party ticket — who caucuses with the Democrats.

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