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June 1, 2010

Glenn Beck divides Americans based on whether they supported the Apollo mission or the Woodstock concert.

Well, Beck, I’m very liberal (as labels go) and I have a much greater appreciation for the Apollo program than Woodstock. Much, much, much greater. I mean, bordering on geek fanboy appreciation. Woodstock? I can’t relate. A discussion for another post.

The question is, Beck, why are you so enamored with a massive government program that cost around $170 billion in 2010 dollars? And that’s the cost of the Apollo program alone, not counting the Mercury or Gemini programs before it. You mean, you — Glenn Beck — are in favor of huge government spending? Wealth redistribution? Proposed by a liberal, dare I say “progressive” president? Woodstock, on the other hand, was initially a for-profit endeavor that sold tickets at $18 each to around 200,000 people (the rest crashed for free).

That’s impressive. Your little fake TV act has come a long way.
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