Palin/McCain – Together Again

Sherry Whitstine
Syrin’s Blog
Syrin from Wasilla’s Blog
March 28, 2010

Will they make that winning combination? Is there anything the last time McCain/Palin performed together to lead anyone to believe that McCain is worth voting for as a senator again or that Palin is not a ‘Whack Job’? NO!

I look at this as another insult on the intelligence of good, hard working Americans to have to witness these two together again. There is no conviction or standards for responsible conservative solutions with either of these two folks. They say what your fickle ears want to hear. They entertain and incite. Together they’re like a three ring circus. I suppose I should say four ring circus. John, Cindi and Todd and Sarah each have had their individual problems.
Paraphrased from Gryphen at Immoral Minority
Palin’s speeches are nothing but talking points, lies and stale jokes about past mistakes.
Writing on the hand..
Shallow beauty pageant days..
Exploits special needs children..
Stupid dead fish go with the flow comment..
Bring up the fact that you were a “city manger”  (even though in reality she was forced to hire one)?..
You can’t be a Mayor and a City Manager, Sarah!
Don’t Retreat!- RELOAD!!
Most recent, placing a target ie;crosshairs on the heads of anyone who disagrees ..
These two talented politicians, soul- mates according to McCain at one-time, present themselves to be “just like you”.
Yes, John McCain is a hero, no one can take that away from him. But, life and time goes on to reflect your most recent contributions to society. Remember, Mccain  was part in the Keating 5. More recent he was very vocal about this healthcare bill, what did he offer but argument? During 2008 he postponed his campaign to work on the economy, anyone ask what the results of that have been? First he was for the bailout, than against it. Or was it the other way around?
Sarah Palin has made it clear she has one thing in mind, that is of course to enrich and prosper Sarah Palin. However, she has no substance or credibility in her own right to go all the way, even Sarah Palin can only go so far. We’ll have to wait and see.  She also has many past political abuses that will eventually catch up with her, I hope. What do people really think about the making of policy on Twitter and Facebook by someone who quit a position that made some really devestating, thoughtless policy for the state of Alaska? What do you think about the lack of self control shown this last year by Palin? Has it been sufficently noted in the “lame-stream media”?  Does her public fights with teen baby daddy- Levi Johnston, her wedding ring drama, the child custody case of her teenager and now property tax evasion give anyone any indication of the lack of GOOD character in this woman?
The combination of these two together is a template for disaster. We’ve seen it before! They make it very clear in their public and private lives they have little sense of real conservative solutions and are not trustworthy to put country first. In this case Arizona..
I see this team-up as a seemingly desperate attempt by McCain to get his piece of Palin. Because, it was he, John McCain that put her where she is.
We’ll see what has really changed with this one senate race in the minds of the conservative base, if anything!  I hope you will realize that this type of behavior and endless pursuit of riches and power is NOT “just like you”.
However, It could be a Reality Show!
A matter of fact this combination between the McCain’s and the Palin’s would make for a better ‘Reality Show’ in my opinion.
This version is with Meghan McCain poppin off her mouth with less than ladylike statements and of course people would tune in to see Meghan showing off her boobs when ever and where ever she can.
What if the camera catches one of the Palin kids, lets say Willow partying and than particapating in vandalizing a home. Now, That’s good entertainment! Possibly even another out of wedlock Palin pregnancy. That would really jack up the rating.! What a great cable moment if Cindi finally tells Sarah she’s a ‘Whack Job’ to her face.
Maybe we can catch Daddy Heath drive directly into someone’s fence while collecting Sarah’s signs and back out while leaving it in a pile. Perhaps, this type of reality show would catch Daddy Heath and Ivy Frye crashing a banquet while saying to a restraunt manager, in so many words, that they’re too special to pay the registration fee while using that immature gesture of ‘Talk to the Hand’. Who knows these things could happen…again. I think it would be more entertaining to exploit what should be, Sarah Palin and John McCain themselves…
Sarah Palin’s extended 15 minutes and the destruction of the GOP are eternal now, no matter how we look at it. Once decent, reputable and useful ideas and people are mentioned or used as talking points by Palin, they are usually destine for failure or embarrassment, just by association with Sarah Palin. Only one who succeeds is Sarah Palin! Bless her heart…
On Twitter, somebody posted a photo from today, showing Sarah, Todd, Cindy and John
From Palingates ….Sarah Palin and John McCain were interview by Greta van Susteren on Fox yesterday. It was quite a surreal and sorry display of two people who obviously never understood why they have lost the election – you can watch the two parts of the interview HERE and HERE.
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