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December 12, 2009

The Republicans are beginning to inflate the 2010 midterms with 1994 expectations. This on top of their ongoing doomsday predictions courtesy of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

I understand the idea of rallying wingnuttia with hyperbole and lofty goals, but being so disconnected from reality will further marginalize and embarrass the wingnut right and the Republican Party.

Retaking Congress with a huge sweeping victory, just like 1994, probably won’t happen. They’ll pick up seats in both chambers like the opposition party generally does in the first midterm of a presidency. But a replay of 1994 is a pipe dream, driven by self-delusion and a very bad miscalculation of the mighty teabagger movement (they’re mistaking its loudness for largeness). And when they don’t repeat 1994 with expectations this ridiculously high, it will be crushing for them — not only in the press, but with their wingnut base as well.

The same thing goes for Glenn Beck’s Chicken Little rants about buying gold and hunkering down for an impending disaster. When the economy is humming along a few years from now and unemployment has dropped back down to seven or eight percent, he’ll look especially crazy (if that’s even possible).

But go ahead, Republicans! Keep going!

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