NOVEMBER, 26, 2009
Yes, indeed, they got theirs; a wonderfully visceral lump of especially formulated and prepared Republican Party elephant ordure, deftly carved by de facto party propagandist, Rush Limbaugh, and served up by party de facto princess, Sarah Palin, to the true believers and signatories of the new Republican red-blooded loyalty oath. But wait; there’s more… Far right to extreme right: token black, Michael Steele, token whack, Michele Bachmann, token Jew, Joe Lieberman, token Mormon, Mittens Romney, unknown token poor child; token propaganda network president, Roger Ailes, token radio bloviator and de facto party propagandist, Rush Limbaugh, unknown token grandfather; token party princess, Sarah Palin, unknown token grandmother; token teevee bloviator and cultural whacktard, Glenn Beck, token Christian porn starlet, Carrie Prejean, token senatorial good ‘ole boy, Mitch McConnell, token congressional fuctard, John Boehner. If you wanna smell the money you must click it. (Sorry, Norman.)

One of the voices in the head of Glenn Beck:
Yes. Yes. America. We got ours. Oh yeah, we got the bucks; the houses; the cars; the yachts; the planes; all the stuff; we GOT ours. But I’m not talking about the stuff now. No.No.No. I’m talking about ideas. The ideas. We got ours; we got the ideology. It’s Pure. Ideologically pure. It’s Conservative. It’s Obstreperous. It’s Precious; it’s America. Will you get yours? I don’t know; I don’t know; I don’t know.

That’s the truth, America. He doesn’t know.


But consider this: The great ideological struggle between liberals and conservatives, Christians and heathens, rich and poor, is giving thanks today. A day for humans of whatever stripe to come together and indulge in varying degrees of wretched excess under the guise of thanks-giving to whatever institutionalized deity strikes their fancy, or none at all. So celebrate, if you can. Give thanks, if you know how; and if you are a believer in the Divine, be assured that the Father will not be unmindful of your needs. Seek first the kingdom of God; and when you have found entrance thereto, all things needful shall be added to you. Be not, then, unduly anxious for tomorrow. Sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof.


Copyright 2009 Urantian Sojourn

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  1. Rogue says:

    That is one scary picture!

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