The rewards of spewing bull fecal matter

Morning Martini

These are facts reported on the front page of The Palm Beach Post yesterday, see if you can guess whose home this describes.

The home was purchased by him in 2008 for the price of $40,549,376. The value of the home today is $48,303,931. The value of his home has gone up 19.1% since he purchased it.

The home is 32,000 square feet and it sits on 3 acres of land along the ocean with a pool and elevator.

So who owns this mansion? None other than Rush Limbaugh. I guess you can make a pretty good living ranting and spewing bull fecal matter all day long in a radio station.

Copyright 2009 Morning Martini

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One Response to The rewards of spewing bull fecal matter

  1. truthinator says:


    If it is that easy, why don’t you follow suit? You are apparently equipped to spew your share of bovine sctatalogical material as well…

    Let’s see you do something where you EARN the kind of money el Rushbo has EARNED by doing something others enjoy! Just sniveling and complaining about how other people have become wealthy will not earn you a dime; it will only help you feel marginally better about your ‘better than thou’ opinion of yourself.

    Have a great day! Hugs and kisses,


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