As Alaska Turns…The Newest Palin Rumor

Syrin’s Blog
April 20, 2009

This just floated in from the halls of Juneau…

“…since Palin has already appointed Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt as the 3rd in line, she is planning on announcing (Lt. Governor) Sean Parnell for AG and Joe will be Lt. Gov….That may fall under things you already know…but thought it worth the pass off…“

Wow. I ran this past a few people fresh from session and they said it was definitely floating out there.

Captain Zero for AG!

For all the buttons worn by both Republican and Democratic legislators that say “Where’s Sarah?” there should be billboards asking “Where’s Sean?”

During the Governor’s unholy campaign for VP, Sean Parnell, the current Governor Light, was MIA. I called his office often and would be told he was on a plane. I’m quite sure it took off at 8a.m. and circled until 5p.m.

Joe Schmidt? While serving as Department of Corrections Chief, he had a vote of no confidence from the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA) last April. It was the first time such a vote had ever come up with “No Confidence.” ACOA alleged Schmidt had cut positions to dangerously low levels in the prisons and covered up medical issues in the jails. Specifically, the spread of a contagious bacterial infection, MRSA, among prisoners and even guards. Neat guy to work for.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah attended Wasilla High School together. Yes, another WHS alum appointment. This should make the reunions easier. Reminds me of Franci Havemeister’s appointment to the State Division of Agriculture. She cited her childhood love of cows as one of her qualifications for running the roughly $2 million agency. I think it actually may have been her Wasilla Warrior status.

Another possibility? Joe and Sarah went to Wasilla High School together. Celtic Diva’s sources report Joe Schmidt has bragged they were sweeties…hmmm…AWKWARD!

Sean Parnell as AG? Well, how will he handle State issues with the oil companies? He did work for Conoco Phillips from 2000 to 2003. What about issues regarding the Governor? They are pretty tight. When it comes to laws the Governor is trying to pass like the Papa Pilgram Protection Act (Parental Consent for Abortion), is he going to protect the rights of privacy for young Alaskan women (2 last year) or will he call in the Uterus Police?

Lots of questions for a little, itty, bitty rumor….
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