Per diem

per diem reimbursement

per diem reimbursement

David Hulen
ADN state/local news editor
February 18, 2009

ADN’s Lisa Demer has a story on the homepage about the governor, per diem payments and federal income taxes. The AP is also covering.

What has the governor turned in recently for per diem reimbursement? Here are her reports for the last two months of 2008, which we received in recent days in response to public-records requests:

> Governor’s travel and per diem report for November.

> Governor’s travel and per diem report for December.

She turned in for the $60 meal/incidental expense per diem for a smattering of days in November and December, sometimes with little explanation (“Anchorage,” “Phone call with Sen. Elizabeth Dole”), sometimes with more (“Natural Resources meeting,” “Speech – Resource Dev. Council,” “Phone call with Gov. Rendell, interview with KTVA, meeting with COS & Comm. LeDoux,” “Photo with UAA Men’s & Women’s teams”).

The governor’s office hasn’t released any reports covering 2009.

For latecomers: This became an issue during the campaign last fall. Here are stories from the Washington Post and ADN, and a post here summarizing, with links, the debate over Palin, per diem and taxes (including conclusions at the time from tax law professors that the governor owed.)

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