Will Vermont towns finally get their chance to arrest Cheney?



February 8, 2009

In March, voters in two Vermont towns — Marlboro and Brattleboro — passed symbolic articles seeking to arrest President Bush and Vice President Cheney if they ever came to their towns. These citizens may now get their chance. The American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester (approximately 50 miles from the two towns) was reportedly planning to honor Cheney at its annual dinner next month. However, the museum is now “re-examining” its decision because it has come under fire from conservationists. Ted Williams of Fly Rod & Reel magazine, who broke the story, remarked:

“Can there be a better choice than traditional practitioner Dick Cheney — the man who…trashed the Endangered Species Act, who virtually canceled the Clean Air and Clean Waters acts, who suppressed science, who ruined the lives of dedicated resource professionals and who ran Christine Todd Whitman out of the EPA?”

Bush never visited Vermont during his entire presidency; Cheney — whose Secret Service name was “Angler” — stopped in Burlington in 2002.

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